Recycled Belt Kenny and stripy socks

Black and white Recycled belt Kenny:

elastic belt, that always fits! 105 cm long and stretches up to 135 cm! 
no belt holes! 
brown leather piping with embossed Slopes & Town logo 
matt silver colour buckle 
This elastic woven belt is made with care using recycled plastic bottles yarn. Our yarn is certified with Global Recycled Standard.

in a recycled kraft paper Gift Box 
delivered to you in a recycled packaging
Will it fit me?                                                                                                                     

Stripy bamboo socks (size 42-46): 

Knitted from the natural bamboo fibre they will give you the softest experience you feet ever had! 
Incredibly soft
Moisture wicking
Allows to stay cool in the heat and stay comfortably warm on colder days
Odor resistant
These socks are made with care using bamboo fibre and recycled plastic bottles polyester, processed with ReNEW recycling technology, which allows to use less resources (water, energy, etc.) than production of new polyester out of crude oil and, of course, helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste!